Daylily Terms

  • Scape: refers to the stem that buds and flowers form on.

  • Clump: Three or more fans of a cultivar grouped together.
  • Rebloomer:  Rebloomers will usually reward you with another round of blooms before fall. Some varieties have a continuous flow of blooms while others bloom for several weeks, take time to regenerate and then rebloom.

  • Spider:  Spider daylily plants have long, spindly, spider-like blooms. The petals are long and narrow. The blooms have a spidery appearance. Generally the petals curl under a bit.  A spider daylily is any daylily flower with petals that are at least four times as long as wide.

  • Fragrant:  This term refers to the amount of scent a flower may exhibit. Daylilies have a very light, pleasing scent. Some cultivars are more heavily scented than others. Scent may vary with the time of the day and weather conditions. We label those with a more heavy scent as "Fragrant" or "very-Fragrant".


For more lengthy list of terms please see (link)